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Our Services and Rates

Each home or office cleaning is unique in the same way each of our daily lives are. Some people need more picking up after, some people want more time spent in certain areas, and some of our clients want a lighter clean. We customize our services to the individual so we can meet the needs of each of you! By offering "Deep Cleans" on a first time visit, we have an opportunity to get those "hard to reach" places that we may not be covering on a regular "Basic Cleaning" visit.

Home Organizing

We are happy to offer home organizing services to those who need help decluttering and finding ways to function more effectively in their home or office. Working for you or side by side we can help you find things more easily, create extra space, and simplify your life! Always keeping Earth in mind we will aim to use recycled, thrifted, and eco-conscious choices when possible. Organizing rates vary depending on project.

A Basic Cleaning Always Includes:

All rooms Kitchen Bathroom
* dusting * cleaning all visible surfaces * shower and/or tub
* vacuuming * sink and stove * mirrors and vanities
* trash removal * mopping floor * mopping floor(s)
* general straightening   * toilet
    * sink

Some Like To Add:

* washing dishes by hand
* dusting, watering houseplants
* cleaning of pet equipment (litter boxes, crates, cages, food & water bowls)
* laundry washing and/or folding
* pet hair removal from furniture
* mopping of all rooms
* basements
* taking out the recycling
* mineral oil application to stone counter tops
* sweep decks, walkways, porches
* outside of kitchen cabinets

A Deep Clean May Include:

* grout detailing
* mini-blind dusting
* inside refrigerator
* inside oven
* inside and outside of cabinets and/or drawers in kitchen and bath
* thorough dusting of certain shelves/storage areas
* hand wiping baseboards
* cleaning inside of window frames
* detailing light switches, doorknobs, doors, and other woodwork
* inside closets
* fan blades

Most of our clients run around $60-$120 for a regular visit. The best way to guarantee an accurate estimate is to set up a free consult with us! Give us a call today, we are currently accepting both home and commercial work.

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