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Why Choose River City Cleaning?

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"You are what you clean with", we say. The skin acts as the largest organ of the body, and our lungs constantly filter the air we breathe. We choose to provide a service that does not contribute to the constant bombardment of toxic chemicals our bodies already process every day. Typical cleaning solutions contain neurotoxins which can affect brain activity, endocrine disruptors which have been known to mimic hormones by sending false signals in the body, and carcinogens which cause cancer. Pesticides are used to kill germs, Formaldehyde used as a germicide and bactericide, as well as bioaccumulative Organochlorides, Surfactants, Pthalates, and Volatile Organic Compounds. We avoid these compounds in favor of home made solutions or bulk purchased eco-friendly cleaners. When choosing RCC you can rest assured no poisonous chemicals will be brought into your home.


We value the power of small decisions to collectively make an impact on the larger picture. Within our vision of service we always keep Earth in mind when making consumer choices: choosing nontoxic products, non-disposable supplies, and bulk purchasing to reduce packaging waste. We aim to re-use paper and buy second hand when possible. We go the extra mile and bike until weather or unsafe conditions hold us back. Not only do we work for our human clients, but we see ourselves as a service to the animals, plants, and rivers as well.


The future is upon us, and the choices are ours! By supporting a local business you ensure local job security. Better yet, by supporting a local business that supports other locally owned businesses you are helping build a monetary community which allows itself to meet its needs with less reliance on fossil fuels and imported goods. This reduces consumption and pollution, and in turn our community is strengthened. Having value placed on fair labor wages is another aspect of a strong community, and we take pride in paying workers a fair wage.

RCC strongly believes in human energy as a currency and appreciates opportunities to trade services in place of monetary exchange.


As we all become increasingly aware of our ecological footprint and try to adjust our habits, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Your move to support RCC and eco-friendly cleaning services is an easy way to allow for one decision that will have numerous positive impacts. When you use our services you nurture yourself, the local economy, and the larger bioregion.

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