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About River City Cleaning

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River City Cleaning (RCC) has been in operation since July 2008 with a mission to provide top notch cleaning services to our community. We believe in going the extra mile and taking care of the Earth with each decision we make. We value quality service, healthy eco-systems, fair wages, and our local economy. We strive to provide a bike-run service which helps to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, reduces our carbon footprint, and keeps us strong and happy.

We deeply believe in a future with clean air, clean waters, healthy people, and a sustainable economy...and hope to help create it one cleaning at a time!

Meet Our Crew


Born and raised in the Richmond area, Jen just can't seem to get away from the James River. She tried in 2001 by attending James Madison University to study Biology, but was eventually pulled back to RVA so she could witness the majestic fall line of this ancient waterway once again. When not busy cleaning, Jen likes to spend time in the garden. For the past 3-4 years, her passion for the green world has led her to study Herbalism at Sacred Plant Traditions in Charlottesville, and manage the Ashland Farmers Market. "You cannot separate from the natural world; even in the city you affect the communities of plants, animals, soils, and waterways surrounding you." Jen founded River City Cleaning in July of 2008 after working with Kara's Green Home.


Hello, all good homeowners and/or apartment dwellers! I'm from Powhatan, just a few miles west of the city. Besides working with RCC, I'm also a full time environmental studies student at VCU. I host a radio show on Tuesday nights at the UR radio station and also have a continuing and ever growing love affair with bees, collages, sending snail mail....and of course, I love to bike! I've been working for Jen for over a year now and I think its the best job in the city. By cleaning houses, RCC helps people feel good about one of their most personal spaces - their home. I'm satisfied after a hard day's work, knowing I helped someone and didn't harm the environment in the process. Plus, i get to bike all over the city, hurrah!


RVA born and raised, Miss Judy Linnell cannot get enough of the magnificent outdoors. She loves trail running, cycling, and star gazing. Two years ago she started her quest for higher knowledge at VCU as a Sociology student, and recently switched to Mechanical Engineering. Where will this path lead her, you say? Well, a potential career goal of hers is to design and manufacture more energy efficient automotive vehicles, and things of that nature. Seeing as these goals are rather ambitious for a 19 year old many nay-sayers tell her she is being overzealous, to this she simply replies "There's nothing you can do that can't be done." Naturally, she would be drawn to working with RCC seeing as it incorporates several of her primary interests.


Rose Gamble is from Erie, Pennsylvania. In an attempt to escape the long, dark, lake effect winters of beloved Erie, she moved south to Virginia in 2007 to live and work at Twin Oaks Community. From there she moved to Richmond to attend J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College and graduated last December from the Dental Assisting program. Discouraged with the dental job market, Rose found herself working with River City Cleaning and loving it. "I couldn't ask for a better boss or better co-workers, or a more supportive and positive work experience." says Rose. She also enjoys clothing design, bike polo, seeing new places and using products that are not harmful to herself, others, or the environment.


Janissa Hamilton grew up in Southern Virginia, where she developed an artistic interest and deep respect for the natural world. She has studied Photography and is currently continuing her education in pursuit of a degree in Ecological Studies. Janissa is a photographer, avid biker, animal lover, and connoisseur of all sustainable and delicious dining experiences Richmond has to offer. When not working with RCC she works for Prevent a Litter, a small non-profit spay and neuter clinic.

Check out Janissa's artwork here!


Born in Oklahoma, Izza moved to Richmond seeking adventure. "I love how Richmond integrates nature, urban life, and recreation" she says. Since studying English at the University of Tulsa, Izza has been writing and editing as a freelancer. In her spare time Izza enjoys biking around Richmond, hiking, and dancing.

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