Our mission is clear.

Provide personalized cleaning services using only chemical-free, non-toxic products and low-emission transportation to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our vision is simple.

Inspire, educate, and provide services that support our community to make informed consumer decisions. Our focus is on positive environmental choices, resulting in a greater local and global impact.

Our reasons are powerful.

The inside of our homes are natural extensions of our bodies—the things we touch and the air we breathe. And for this reason, we all deserve a home that is clean and protected from toxins. Meanwhile, every squeeze of a spray bottle, every flush of a toilet, every pump of an air freshener, polish fumes, and toxic cleaning solution—makes its way into our bodies, rivers, streams, and the very water we drink. We have a responsibility to protect ourselves and the environment as we clean.

The work is harder, but incredibly rewarding and just as (if not more) effective.

At River City Cleaning, we do not use harsh, chemical cleaners like bleach because the effects can hang around the air and our lungs for years. In the end, our employees go home healthy and proud of their efforts, knowing they’re not only providing you with the cleanest clean possible, but also protecting the health of you, your family, and the environment along the way.

How we achieve the cleanest clean.

Did you know that you can clean your counter tops with a halved lemon or your sinks with an onion? (And quite effectively.) Give it a try and you might be surprised by what you see!

While our products and methods are not as simple as pure fruits and veggies—partly because not everyone appreciates the smell of onions—the supplies and cleaners we use are nearly as simple and follow the same line of thinking.

All of the products we use are made from safe, healthy, and eco-friendly ingredients, like:

  • Orange oil
  • Baking soda
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Plant-based oils and extracts (including essential oils for aromatherapy)
  • Glycerin soap

We also use products like borax (a natural mineral that’s safe and effective for cleaning all sorts of things), soybean oil (as an anti-streaking agent), distilled water, and, of course, good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Our products are not heavily scented, and here’s why.

You might not realize it, but that “lasting clean smell” of common household cleaners is actually produced by a trail of chemicals, designed to give you the false impression that your home is clean. When we’re done with our cleaning, you won’t smell a thing (unless you opt for our aromatherapy products, which are made from all-natural essential oils and water). That’s a good thing, because it means that you and your family and health are safe, while enjoying the cleanest clean.



using chemical-free, non-toxic products and low-emission transportation to reduce our carbon footprint.

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for a brighter future and a cleaner clean for you, your family, and everyone’s health.

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cleaning products that are made from eco-friendly ingredients used by our highly-trained cleaning professionals.

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