• The best way to prepare for your cleaning visit is to make sure all areas we will be cleaning are accessible. For example, picking up clothing off of the floor, placing all trash in trash receptacles, clearing the sink of dirty dishes, etc. When the surfaces are clear we can do a deeper cleaning and you will receive a more thorough cleaning.

  • One (or more) of our professional cleaners will be assigned to your home, each of whom has undergone professional background screening. You’ll always know them by the look of their RCC uniforms (turquoise shirt, black apron, and black or khaki pants).

  • The person assigned to your home will vary depending on our scheduling. To ensure you receive the same quality clean each visit, every employee at River City Cleaning is trained to very specific methods, ensuring that every facet of our services is done to precise standards every time we clean. This ensures your home or business will receive a quality and consistent clean every time.

  • You do not need to be home while we clean; we’re accustomed to letting ourselves in and out. If you are home or work out of your home, we are flexible and work with your needs, and know how to go about our work while staying out of the way.

  • When you become an RCC client, we offer a couple of options. One, you provide us a copy of your house key, which is then safely and securely stored at your place of residence in a lockbox (that only we are able to access). Two, if you have an electronic door lock, we can utilize that feature by obtaining a unique access code.

  • Times will vary based on the list of services you select.

  • All of our services are provided on an “a la carte” basis, meaning you get to select exactly what you want cleaned and how often. You may opt for a light cleaning every week for certain areas and full (deep) cleaning of your residence once a month. You may choose to leave that guest bedroom and bath off of the list permanently. It’s always up to you.

  • For your convenience, we accept major credit cards and your information is stored securely. Your card is charged after the cleaning is complete.

  • We are a pet-friendly company. It’s part of our culture and a requirement of our employees. Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters—you name it—if your pets are friendly, there’s absolutely no need to crate them for our sake.

  • Our cleaning hours range from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, though we occasionally make alternative arrangements for special occasions.

  • After every cleaning session, you will receive a short survey by email. We encourage you to complete the survey to let us know how we’re doing. Your feedback is important and we make adjustments when needed. We also recognize our employees for a job well done. In the unlikely event that something needs to be addressed, contact our office and we will work with you to make it right.

  • Getting started is easy. Fill out our new client questionnaire and we’ll contact you to set up a brief, in-home consultation (usually 30 minutes). Once we meet to establish your desired services, a custom plan and schedule is developed for your first cleaning.



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